Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Final 20 Time Update

I think 20 time was an interesting and neat experience. 20 time made me think of a neat idea I could do that would help others and it stretched my imagination and helped me grow as a person overall. I actually went to the library a couple times and got to read to the kids. I think the kids enjoyed it and I sure did. I love to read and it was fun to share my passion with young kids. I also learned that I love working with young kids. I haven't gone to the library recently because I have been so busy but I'm hoping I will be able to go back when I'm free to read more. The last time I went the person in charge told me I could come back whenever I want to read. She also told me that maybe I could take the third cycle for reading which is every fifth week. I think that would be really great to be able to do and hopefully I will be able to.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Helping others

      The information I researched may be able to help others who have the same passion as me pick a career that pursues our passion. It might help them to see how I thought of pursuing the passion through a career of teaching. This might interest them to also pursue the career I researched,teacher, or at least research more about teaching. But if they don't want to do exactly what I want to do hopefully the information I researched inspires them to do their own research about different careers they could pursue while following their passion.
      Over the last couple of weeks I have gone to the library twice. The first time I went to the library I just listened and watched to see how everything went and what to do. The second time I went I actually got to read to the kids. I thought it was fun and it went really well. I really liked reading to the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces as I read. The lady running it asked me to come back to read more if I want to which I do and am going to try to. For the final days of the semester I will probably be going to the library to read to the kids more and this will help me complete my goal of sharing the love of reading.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Careers Involving my Passion

Some professional opportunities that are available for me to pursue in regard to my passion are a writer or teacher. Being a teacher would need at least a bachelors degree and I would probably need to major in English if I wanted to teach reading and writing. I could teach at any grade level because reading is involved in every grade. Being a teacher would allow me to work with kids and read which are both passions that I based my 20 Time project on. But finding a job as a teacher would probably be pretty hard since there aren't many openings currently. Being a writer would involve no specific degree but I would still go to college and probably get a degree in English. Being a writer would allow me to use my passion of reading and writing for my career. But having a book published could be hard and it would take awhile to go through all of the steps of writing, editing, publishing and selling my book. Also I would need to find people to help me edit, publish and sell my book which would take time and money. Overall I think both of these jobs are good options for pursuing my passion of reading as a career.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lesson of Patience

       The most valuable lesson I have learned through 20 Time thus far is patience. I've learned that sometimes things take longer than you expected or then you want but you have to be patient. I had to call the library two times and then got transferred to three different people but I learned I just had to be patient and wait. I will be patient and this will help me complete my project because, for one, no one wants to help or talk to someone who is impatient and angry. If I'm patient people will want to work with me and will enjoy helping me more. This will also make this project more enjoyable for everyone overall. Since I'm reading to kids it will be important to stay patient since kids can get distracted and angry but it won't help at all if I'm angry too and not patient with the kids. I think patience is a very valuable lesson that will help you through your whole life. Patience is helpful with a lot of things you do. For example, in a world of technology we have to be patient with it because sometimes it works really slow or crashes. When this happens, it is a great thing to be patient because you will just keep working and getting your work done even if it takes longer than you had wanted. Also people will want to help a nice and patient person more than an angry and impatient one.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day

I think Pitch Day went pretty well. When I explained my idea and plan for my project to the people who came, they thought it was a great idea. I thought it was pretty cool to be able to share my idea and plan to other people and hear their comments on what I'm doing. I think this gave me great practice on presenting and talking to adults. One of the adults actually gave me an idea on how to spread the news of my idea that I might use. I liked hearing the adults input and ideas. A lot of these comments were encouraging and helpful. Overall I thought Pitch Day was very beneficial.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting the Big Picture

      I have learned that I can compromise and still get the big picture of what I want. At the library, I'm not doing exactly what I planned, but I will still get the big picture of what I wanted. I had to compromise on what I wanted to do and what I could actually do at the library. Overall this worked out great and I hope it will still give me and the children the outcome I'm hoping for.
      My work ethic is to work hard and do my best. I like to get my work done first and then relax. I try to do my best at everything I do so I know that I've tried my hardest. This works well because the outcome is quality work and getting work done on time.
       I actually haven't run into many problems. At first it was kind of hard to get a hold of the person I needed to talk to because I had to call the library two times and I got transferred three different times. But once I got to talk to the person that I needed to, everything went smoothly. I don't have trouble talking on the phone to adults so that was easy for me. I'm also pretty patient so I didn't have trouble waiting to talk to the woman. So far I think I have been pretty lucky on how everything has worked out well for me.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Results for Contacting an Authority

       I contacted the library on Monday but the Director wasn't there so they told me to call them today. When I called today, I asked for the director and she transferred me to the person in charge of the activities for kids that take place at the library. I told the women about my plan for my project and how I wanted to read to kids at the library. She told me about all the different activities going on with the kids that I could volunteer for.
       There was one option that I think will be the best for my project. There is a story time every Monday that she told me about. She said that normally adults read but she would ask if I could be a guest reader at least once and see how it goes. The first time I go I am just going to evaluate how story time works and what I will be doing and what I should be reading to the kids. I will also evaluate how to act with the kids and what to say to them. If the women works it out with the other adults that run the story time, the next time I go I will be able to read and work with the kids.
       I learned that that you have to make certain changes and compromises to the things you do to get the main idea of what you want. It worked out really well with me and the library and if it works out that I get to actually read to the kids it will be even better. At the least, I still can volunteer and help out with story time and still work with the kids. What I will do next is go to the story time next week and see how it works and what happens.